Hello again! This week I was desperately trying to get a character up and running, so that I could focus on some nice battle mechanics and whatnot afterwards.

Cool, so what about those mechanics?

Never managed to get to that part. After exporting the model I was stuck and it took me quite some time to figure out what’s wrong.

Okay and what went wrong?

Once I am ready with all the stuff inside blender (modelling, texture baking, animations etc.) I normally apply proper scale to my model in order to ensure less headaches with the model’s size in other 3d software.

Problem was that I accidently applied the scale to the rig as well, which apparently can get problematic if one has already animated the character.

This leads to some strange behaviour, because the animation data does not scale with the rig thus not recognizing the new rig and your old walk cycle now looks like some kind of overconfident character in a 70s cartoon.

How did you fix that?

Luckily I was not the first person to have those issues. Some quick search and I found some guy on Youtube who described this problem (he calls it ‘virgin fancy walker’) and how to fix it.

Bottom Line

In blender -> DO NOT scale your rig after you animated your character, just scale it beforehand.

See you next time for some headaches with blender!

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