Hello, everyone! Continuing from last week’s update, I’ve completed the foundational theme track for the game. While I’d love to share the entire track, file size limitations on this platform prevent that. However, I’m thrilled to provide a brief snippet for you. Enjoy!

In addition to completing the main theme, I’ve delved into crafting the dungeon theme, which is proving to be an intriguing endeavor.

As for the demo preparation, I’ve addressed some minor issues, particularly optimizing colliders in the dungeon. This was necessary due to the tile-based structure causing the player to occasionally snag on tile colliders when transitioning between areas.

Presently, my primary focus is on refining RPG mechanics, particularly stats and combat functionality. I’ve encountered a challenge in ensuring that the deckbuilding approach and card effects remain impactful as the player levels up. To tackle this, drawing inspiration from the dice pool system, I’m exploring alternative solutions.

Stay tuned for further developments! Until next time.

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