Are you tired of your game’s combat feeling stale and lacking in realism? Have you ever wanted to add a feature where characters can stagger and recover from hits like they would in a real fight? Well, implementing a poise system might be the answer you’re looking for, or at least it was for me.

Why should I bother with a poise system?

Well, the answer is simple. In many games, combat feels unrealistic because characters can simply ignore attacks and continue attacking without any consequence. A poise system solves this problem by introducing a mechanic where characters can become staggered or interrupted when hit by heavy attacks, making the combat feel more realistic and challenging.

Enough chit chat, show us how to implement it?

Step 1: Create a Poise Manager class

The first step is to create a Poise Manager class that will keep track of each character’s poise level. This class should contain methods to reduce and restore poise levels as well as a check to determine if a character is staggered or interrupted.

Step 2: Attach the Poise Manager to Characters

Next, attach the Poise Manager to each character in the game that you want to have a poise system. This can be done by adding a component to the character’s GameObject and referencing the Poise Manager class.

Step 3: Implement Heavy Attacks

To make use of the poise system, you will need to implement heavy attacks that reduce a character’s poise level when they are hit. This can be done by creating a new script that checks for heavy attacks and calls the Poise Manager’s reduce poise method when a heavy attack is landed.

Step 4: Implement Staggering and Interruptions

Finally, implement the staggering and interruption mechanic. When a character’s poise level reaches zero, they should become staggered or interrupted, which can be achieved by disabling movement and attacking for a set amount of time.

And that’s it! With these steps, you can add a poise system to your game and make your combat mechanics more challenging and realistic.

But wait, can’t players just spam light attacks to avoid getting staggered?

Good question! To prevent players from spamming light attacks to avoid getting staggered, you can implement a cooldown mechanic that prevents players from using light attacks for a set amount of time after a heavy attack. This will force players to use a mix of light and heavy attacks and introduce a new level of strategy to combat.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, implementing a poise system in your game can add a touch of realism to your combat mechanics and make them more challenging and enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement your own poise system and take your game’s combat to the next level!

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