Hey everyone! In this post I want to describe how I optimized my attack animations from this post, with help of some reddit users.

What was the issue?

Although there was no problem, I usually seek other opinions on my work. As a result, I posted my animation on the 3Dmodeling subreddit, hoping to gain more insights on how to improve the quality of my animations. You can find the post on Reddit here.

Okay and what did you change?

As per the feedback from the users, I increased the anticipation in my animation to about 9 frames. I also reduced the attack duration to about 3 frames and eliminated the combo-weird-twist-at-end-of-animation thing. Additionally, I adjusted the animation to 30 frames per second and animated it on twos, which is a standard animation technique.

Bottom Line

Instead of typing a bunch of useless words, how about you just compare my old animation with the new one?

attack animation blender
old animation
blender attack animation
new animation

See you next time!

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